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Wed, 11 May 2016

Damerells Motorcycles Plymouth Moving To Head Office

Unfortunately Damerells Motorcycles Plymouth has stopped trading. We shall be there until Friday 13th May 2016 to fulfil customer orders and make sure we leave the Plymouth shop with all our customers receiving the best service up until the end.

This is not because we have failed. It makes perfect business sense. The building is old and needs a great deal of money spent on it to bring it up to Yamaha European standards. With a single franchise it would always be difficult to get a return on the money laid out.

It has been a hard decision made but it's for the best.

Some of the staff have been offered other job opportunities and some of us are moving to work from our head office in Cornwall.

To all of you who we have had the pleasure of dealing with over the years it's been a blast and we are thankful for all your business and friendship over that time.

It's not over as Damerells Motorcycles is still up and running and only getting stronger and better.

So to receive the best deals and customer service in the Southwest Damerells Motorcycles Cornwall is the place to go.

So once again thank you all, from Matt , Ben, Bubba, Wags and Jack, Steve