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Take your pick from our selection of top brands available including AGV, Alpinestars, HJC, Nolan, Richa, RST, Schuberth, Sidi and Shoei to name a few, along with many more. From motorcycle jackets, jeans and helmets to motorcycle gloves, boots and accessories, visit Damerell's in-store and ensure you're fully prepared to take on what the next experience brings your way.

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Shoei Helmets

A premium motorcycle brand, Shoei helmets are known for their innovational and cutting-edge designs, boasting excellent quality and safety ratings. Encompassing both passive and active safety elements in their Shoei Safety Concept, each helmet is developed to ensure maximum head protection, concentrating on factors including impact absorption, material rigidity along with ventilation, fit and noise reduction.

Invest in a Shoei helmet and you can be confident that you'll be equipped with unrivalled levels of comfort and protection each time you ride. Pop into our showroom to view the full selection of Shoei helmets for yourself.


Richa are known for their top performance leather and textile clothing, suitable for all types of riders and delivering both stylish and high-quality motorcycle apparel without the price tag. One of UK's most popular brands, they encompass 10 years of experience, bringing you not only the latest biking clothes but one that is continuously diversifying to uphold the latest biker trends. 

Nip in-store and browse the full selection of Richa motorcycle clothing for yourself.


Ixon offers some of the safest and most comfortable clothing on the market that is fantastic value for money. Created and developed in-house, Ixon holds a Research & Development department that uses carefully selected materials and accessories to create some of the most innovative products on the market, including the Tetratex membrane, as well as develop patents such as the Morpho Concept technology.

Offering motorcycle leathers, textiles, jackets, jeans and gloves, you can browse the full Ixon clothing selection in-store.


Sidi is one of the most iconic and legendary motorcycle boots brands in the motorcycling world and has been worn by some of the worlds most impressive motorcycling legends, with the likes of Giacomo Agostini, Joel Roberts and Steve Baker as well as current leading riders including Alex Barros, Colin Edwards and Stefan Everts.

Delivering a perfect balance of tradition, innovation, style and comfort, Sidi continues to dedicate time and effort to the development of helmet technology whilst remaining a family-owned business. 

You can now experience this premium racing heritage brand with their passion for style and browse the full selection in-store now.


Boasting over 25 years of experience, Shark helmets is fast becoming one of the worlds most prominent biking brands. Pushing boundaries to create innovative products, Shark focuses on comfort and safety whilst meeting and exceeding current industry standards. Through rigorous testing, research and development, combined with their infinite passion and interest, Shark achieve fantastic results on the government 'Sharp' standards test - with a majority of their helmets reaching either a 4 or 5 star rating.

You can rest assured, knowing you're investing in a top-quality motorcycle helmet that doesn't compromise on safety, comfort and versatility when you ride. Browse the full selection in-store today.


RST offers one of the most popular ranges of biking gear in the UK. With over a thousand man hours spent on designing, crafting and testing RST gear, RST ensures maximum quality without compromising on protection, value, comfort and value for money.

RST motorcycle gear is tested by RST themselves all year round, on the tracks and through all the British seasons, along with the help of some of the biggest names in BSB paddock including Tommy Hill, John Kirkham and Stuart Estham. For all your motorcycle clothing needs, ranging from motorcycle jackets and trousers to gloves and boots, pop into our showroom and browse the full selection of RST clothing in-store.


TCX was born from the fusion of two companies, Oxtar and Novation. Both known for their technology and innovation, TCX has gone on to offer the most complete range of motorcycle boots on the market.

Harnessing advanced technology like the Torsion Control System and the Metatarsal Control System, these innovations have been refined and developed, maximising safety along with comfort for its riders whilst being used in the latest collection of TCX motorcycle boots. Offering a range of racing and off-road motorcycle boots, touring boots and a selection of motorcycle boots made specially for the female foot, you can now browse the full selection in-store.


Alpinestars is known to be one of the best brands of motorcycle apparel in the world, working with some of the very best drivers and riders, to deliver innovational products across their whole selection.

From motorcycle suits, jackets, leathers and jeans to motorcycle boots, gloves and armour, Alpinestars are relentless in their mission to provide the latest and most advanced motorcycle apparel to all aspect of professional motorsport.


Established in 1972, Nolan helmets was created to rival some of the more expensive and heavier motorcycle helmets at the time. Using the philosophy of 'Passion for two wheels', the founder, Lander Nocchi, purchased an innovative light and versatile material named Lexan, and using advanced computerised techniques and processes, went on to bring Nolan helmets to life.

Innovative, functional with refined styling and at a competitive price, these polycarbonate helmets have continued to over take the market place, providing high-performance motorcycle helmets to thousands of customers around the globe. Come and view the full selection in-store at Damerell's.


X-Lite is a specialist company, founded by Nolan Helmets Group, and has been pushing boundaries in fibre motorcycle helmet design to offer some of the most advanced motorbike helmets on the market.

Manufactured in-house at their Italian factory, every component is developed from concept to production, resulting in the creation of an ultimate fibre shell motorcycle helmet. Offering the most advanced industrial technology combined with the comfort and safety required for a top performing helmet, you won't be disappointed with our range of X-Lite helmets range at Damerell's


AGV has been producing legendary motorcycle helmets since 1947 and with the help of some of the most inspirational riders of all time, AGV have managed to make motorcycle history. Born out of a passion for racing, AGV helmets use modern state-of-the-art control systems and the latest technology to produce some of the safest helmets in the world. Whether you're looking for full face, open face, flip front or off road helmet, you'll find the perfect one to meet your needs regardless of your ride.

Visit us in-store to check out the full selection of AGV helmets available in the range.


Schuberth boasts German engineering at its finest, providing motorcycle helmets that have been developed and manufactured using only the finest technology and tested in their very own acoustic and wind tunnels.

With the likes of Michael Schumacher having worked with Schuberth for so long, it provides abundant proof of the breed of helmets that are produced by this brand. Not only this, Schuberth also manufacture helmets for the police, fire service, military as well as other areas of motorsport and continue to expand, with their helmets now being exported to over 50 different countries in the world.

Pop along to Damerell's and check out the extensive range for yourself.


HJC has been delivering some of the finest quality motorcycle helmets in the industry since 1970, providing high performance, comfortable helmets at reasonable prices to motorcyclists around the world. Known as America's top selling motorcycle helmet provider, HJC are dedicated to providing innovative, quality helmets without compromising on safety, offering styles and colours that are suitable for all types of riders.

To browse the full HJC helmets selection, visit us in-store at Damerell's.


Whether you're after a motorcycle jacket, gloves or helmets, Tuzo offers a dynamic range of motorcycle clothing that has been developed to incorporate all aspects of riding despite the weather conditions. Manufactured from the finest materials and packed with a handful of functions and features, this range of apparel will appeal to all styles of riders.

Visit us in-store to browse the full Tuzo motorcycle clothing selection.

Draggin Jeans

Draggin Jeans have been creating top-quality motorcycle clothing since 1997 and are the only casual motorcycle clothing brand that offers CE certifications for Abrasion, Burst and Tear resistance.

Manufactured under stringent quality controls, Draggin Jeans come equipped with Kevlar and Dyneema lining in all the main crash points, representing a revolution in fibre technology. Boasting a soft, breathable, non-hypoallergenic and flexible lining at its core, Draggin Jeans deliver unparalleled comfort and resilience without sacrificing on safety.

For all your casual motorcycle clothing needs, pop in-store and check out the whole selection for yourself.


LS2 hold over 25 years experience in manufacturing helmets for the most passionate and demanding of riders, from racing inspired and track helmets to classic cruiser and scooter helmets. Having harnessed a number of core principles such as functionality, protection and comfort, LS2 continuously aim to create innovative, high-quality motorcycle helmets, applying each principle throughout the whole construction process along with utmost attention to detail in the finish.

Find the perfect LS2 motorcycle helmet for your ride and browse the full selection in-store.


Whether you're the daily commuter or a hardcore tourer, Buffalo motorcycle clothing offers a comprehensive range of motorcycle jackets, jeans, gloves and waterproof wear that offers fantastic value for money. Rapidly becoming a favourite amongst many bikers, you can now browse the full selection at Damerell's in-store.