New Honda Bikes : 2022 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports


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Start with the amazing abilities of the Africa Twin. Add a long-range fuel tank and the comfort to go with it, the choice of Showa EERA suspension and six-speed DCT plus new, improved, shorter screen and vibrant Cracked Terrain paint options – inspired by the original Africa Twin – and you have the Africa Twin Adventure Sports. The ultimate bike for the long haul.

Real Adventure Sports Ability

Ready to go long? A 24.8L fuel tank delivers extended fuel range and, for those huge horizon-to-horizon days, cruise control, heated grips and ACC/USB charging sockets all make a big difference.

Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment

Wherever your adventure leads, on any terrain, for perfect suspension reaction optional Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment manages damping force relative to riding mode selection.

Revised Windscreen

We’ve made the 5-way adjustable screen shorter, opening up visibility, but have ensured it offers the same aerodynamic efficiency and wind deflection as before.

Powerful 1100CC Engine

The twin-cylinder engine delivers instant response when you need it, four riding modes tailor output to conditions and there’s the option of six-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT).

Smartphhone Connectivity

Keep in touch with the world while exploring it, listen to music or use your device’s navigation apps through Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto® Bluetooth® connectivity and helmet headset.

DRL and Cornering Lights

Safety is always important, to you and your passenger. Daytime Running Lights emit piercing visibility marking your road position to other users. Cornering Lights use speed and lean angle to automatically  fill in blind spots through a turn.


Travel moves you. Changes you. New places. People. Experiences. A lifetime of memories. Every journey starts with a feeling of anticipation of what’s to come and ends with a tinge of nostalgia, an innate desire to start planning all over. With its long-range ability and all-round capability, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports opens up a whole world to ride. And will move you like nothing else.

Ready to Go Long

Where to next? That’s up to you. 24.8L of fuel gives a potential range of over 500km. Great when you’re not sure where the next petrol station is. The new 5-way adjustable windscreen is shorter, opening up the view forward but carefully angled so that along with the upper fairing offers the same excellent protection. And because who knows what the weather will be like tomorrow – or around the next corner – heated grips take the cold out.

Instant Response and DCT Option

Out on a long-range tour, fully loaded, you need instant acceleration for overtaking. No hesitation. The twin-cylinder engine offers a muscular output, precise throttle connection and advanced riding technology such as HSTC and Wheelie Control. You can keep it simple, using four default riding modes, or get personal and set the engine your way. Six-speed DCT is also an option for relaxed automatic or rapid manual shifting.


Whether you’re riding off-grid, off-road or two-up and fully loaded on tour, there are two suspension setups for you to choose between; high-quality, adjustable 45mm Showa inverted front forks and rear shock or the addition of Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (Showa EERA) for optimum damping settings all the time. It’s easy; SOFT, MID and HARD settings cover all scenarios between touring and sports, and there’s an OFF-ROAD setting. A USER option allows a custom setup and rear spring preload can also be adjusted electronically.

Safely Showing the Way

Riding all day, it pays to see and be seen. Stylish, dual LED headlights look great and feature Daytime Running Lights (DRL) that automatically adjust to ambient light intensity and give a bright, highly visible light, alerting other road users of your presence and improving safety. Additional Cornering Lights use speed and lean angle to automatically illuminate blind spots when cornering in the dark. And, over 50km/h, Emergency Stop Signals (ESS) indicate a hard-stop situation to those behind, adjusting to suit road conditions.