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TEST TRAINING - DIRECT ACCESS £499.00, A2 £499.00, A1 £449.00

New licensing rules (3DLD) came into effect 19th January 2013. There are now 4 licenses and these are

1. AM (Moped)

2. A1 (125cc)

3. A2 (up to 35Kw)

4. Direct Access (unrestricted).

AM License (Moped) Can be taken from age of 16.

A1 Licence This course can be taken from the age of 17 on a 125cc motorcycle.  Upon passing both Module 1 and Module 2 your licence would limit you to a 125cc motorcycle,

A2 Licence This course can be taken from the age of 19. Upon passing both Module 1 and Module 2 your licence would restrict you to a bike of up to 47bhp (or a restricted bike not exceeding half the original power of the bike - maximum original power 95bhp)

A Licence (Direct Access) This course can be taken from the age of 24.  The training and tests are taken on a motorcycle of at least 598cc and 53bhp.  On passing the Module 2 test the rider gains full licence entitlement and can ride any motorcycle.

Unless you have taken the full category A Licence training, to ride a bike bigger than your current licence entitlement the test has to be taken again.  You need to have either held your existing licence entitlement for a minimum of 2 years, or have reached the minimum age required to take the next test. Each time progressing onto a larger, more powerful machine.

AM, A1, A2 & Direct Access Scheme (DAS) Test Training

There are four hurdles that must be completed.

1.  Compulsory Basic Training. A valid CBT certificate (see above) must be presented before test.  It lays the foundations for test training courses.

2.  Theory Test (valid for 2 years)

3.  Module 1 Off road manoeuvres test.

4.  Module 2 On road riding test.

The CBT and theory can be completed in any order but you must have both prior to starting a course (module 1 & 2). You cannot take the Module 2 test until you have passed the Module 1 test. The Module 1 pass certificate is valid along side theory test pass.

All courses include a 2 part test, Module 1 and Module 2.  The Module 1 test will contain the specified manoeuvres element which will be conducted off road.  It will include exercises designed to assess the rider's ability to control their machine safely, including hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises.  The Module 2 test will include an eyesight test and at least 30-40 minutes of road riding. The examiner will be testing the rider's ability to safely interact with other road users and to ride unaccompanied.

Test training courses will typically last for 4 days. The exception to this may be Direct Access courses as an extra day may be required depending on experience and ability. We can use the CBT to gauge what is required or come in and have a chat and a free assessment to decide what is best for you.

All courses tend to be structured as follows but can vary according to the training need:

Day 1 - AM: Introduction, machine familiarisation and road riding. PM: Module 1 manoeuvres and road riding.

Day 2 - AM/PM: Road riding.  Practise Module 1 test at the test centre.
Day 3 - AM/PM: As per Day 2 except the Module 1 test is taken.
Day 4 - AM: Road riding (test route familiarisation). PM: Module 2 test.